Crystalyte  SAW20

The SAW20 motor is for converting lightweight foldable bicycles.

It have more power than NSM motor but a little bit bigger than NSM.

* Dropout 74mm /  Axle flat 8mm

* SAW20 motor 3.8kg

Motor fits the folding bike  : Brompton front 74mm dropout  


General Informations :

Motor Model SAW20
36V Speed  25km/hr
Torque N.m 31.5N.m
*Weight 3.8kg
Wheel Laced Size 16" or 16" 1.3/8 or 20"
Voltage Range 36V ~ 48V
*Front Axle Dropout (mm ) 74mm
Front Axle & Flat Part M10 Axle & 8mm Flat Part
Spokes Holes 36 Spoke holes
Part No. SAW20-13RPM/V


* Nm = Newton meter

* Motor speed record based on 36V system with 16" wheel,  While motor is hook up with 48V the speed increases.  

- Motor test based on 25A controller.  While controller's current increases, the torque increase too. A maximum current of 30A can hook up the NSM series motor.

- Standard motor color :  RAL9007 Covers and Silver Rotor


SAW20 - 13V Specs


Dimensional Diagrams for SAW20 Series 

Compare SAW 400 and SAW20 Motor
Green Brompton 16" 1.3/8 wheel front fork :

Remark :

-  Permanent magnet direct driver / gear less hub motor

-  High-grade  NdFeB Magnets

-  Sheet-type lamination with deep slot

-  High quality hall effect sensors

-  NSK sealed bearing

-  Motor covers with stainless Torx screws

-  Plug-in hall effect hall effect and motor phase connectors


SAW20  and SAW20 laced with 16" 1.3/8 rim ( Brompton folding bike rim ) and standard 16" rim for folding bike.


-  Motor's cable dia. 1.5mm2 motor phase wires

-  Spokes with G13 is available

-  Motor wire length : 30cm

-  Anderson Power Pole connectors for motor phase and small XRL connector for hall effect sensor